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A Naming Ceremony is a way of officially welcoming a new baby to the family and friends, but can also be a ceremony when there is the uniting of step or adopted children into a family.   When a child comes into your life, he or she fills a special place inside your heart.  It is a place which grows day by day and is filled firstly with amazement, followed by love, pride, a sense of achievement and a sense of awe at the responsibility that having a child entails. 

Having a Naming Ceremony gives the caring parents an opportunity to show their love and commitment to their child and declaring their hopes for the child’s future.  It is a ceremony to celebrate and welcome the new birth of a child into the world and to begin their journey through life.

As a Civil Celebrant I can personalise the naming ceremony to suit your situation.  The ceremony must reflect you as parents, your style, your feelings, aims, dreams and wishes for your child.  Although the Naming Ceremony has no legal status, I do give a Naming Certificate, which is signed by the Parents, Grandparents/Mentors and myself, as a wonderful way to welcome you child.

The Ceremony Elements include :

  • Introduction
  • Acknowledgement
  • Other Siblings
  • Grandparents/Mentors
  • The naming
  • Poems/Readings/Symbolic rituals
  • Presentation of Certificate
  • Conclusion

Other Siblings
If there are older siblings in the family then recognition of these children who will play an important role in the life of the youngest member of the family.

Selecting those that you want to give love and guidance over the years to your child is important.  Grandparents or Mentors have the responsibility of nurturing and welcoming the child into their homes and hearts.

Poems/Readings/Symbolic rituals
A symbolic gesture can add an extra special element to a naming ceremony and are also a great way to involve guests on the day.   These can be Readings, Poems, lighting of special candles, items in a Time capsule or Treasure box, planting of a tree or releasing of balloons

Please contact me to arrange a time to discuss your special day.

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